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Magenta Grove London was founded in 2000 by Creative Director Vanja Karas. Vanja has extensive professional experience in creative visual communications and has worked across a number of media in the design, branding, advertising, broadcast and film industries. Vanja has a very good understanding of the new market and technology trends and their potential for extending them into new products and services, and as an experienced creative consultant and design practitioner she has won international awards for her creative work.

As part of Magenta Grove London she is responsible for all aspects of the creative and strategic cross platform design applications and brand creation and development, new product design and marketing. She has previously worked with international agencies such as BMP DDB and The Identica Partnership working on a range of international, multi-lingual and multi-script projects and been responsible for developing global brands with international reputation by successfully integrating brand strategy and creative ideas with new technologies and commerce.

Some of the companies Vanja has consulted for, as part of Magenta Grove London and other creative consultancies, include: De Vere Group, Searcy’s, Malmaison Hotels, Hotel du Vin, MWB Group, Christelle Chamberland Jewellery, Harriet Forde Design, McQuin Partnership, Bright Pictures, Fierce Productions, Vodafone, Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Mothercare, BP, Siemens, Hewlett Packard, GSK, Hugo Boss Watches, Reebok, Nike, BAA, Hasbro, Polly Pocket, Reuters, Flextech TV, Discovery Channel, Chase Manhattan, Bank of England, Bank Leumi, Seattle Coffee, McDonalds, Mondex, Aquis, Walla and Presteligence.

Vanja`s successful creative, technical and commercial track record is supported by an experienced team of skilled specialists from a diversity of working and creative backgrounds, including art directors, designers, writers, film directors, artists, photographers, composers, broadcasters, architects, linguists, management consultants, innovators, IT developers, marketing and advertising specialists.